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Wow.... Its been so long. O.O

So much time has passed I think some bullet points are in order.

+No longer attending school
+Working full time
+Picked up some new hobbies
+Still drawing
+Still trying to get own apartment
+Engaged to be engaged
+Made some new friends
+Lost some old friends

no comment

Sitting in class like I always seem to be when I update.

I dont even know what's happened since I lost posted something~

Got turned down from our dream apartment, so we're gonna be sitting still for a while. We did however and refurnish our entire room. Threw out our tiny mattress and but a futon. Threw out our old falling apart book shelf and bought a new, bigger one. Along with two beautiful new desks so our old ones went out. We also bought a 40 inch tv after a lot of whining from Ki but we did. lol IT IS AWESOME!

--I think I got scheduled into the wrong class cause I'm pretty damn fucking sure I've taken this class already. D:

Latest movies I've seen?

Clash of Titans - Not bad. Graphics was amazing but overall I was a little disappointed but it's definitely a moving worth seeing.

How To Train Your Dragon - LOVED IT. x3 Love Hiccup and Toothless. Even bought the art book this movie already. Was looking for the original book but my Powells didnt have it.

A bunch of other movies~

Been thinking about whether I'm going to Kumoricon or not. If I do I want to redo my Sebastian cosplay, put together one for Grell and my Scarecrow costume. I doubt I'll be able to get my Scarecrow ready for the con though, but at the very least for Halloween I hope.

What else? Been really wanting to do some watercolor paintings lately. Pulled all my paints out last night, and I'm gonna buy new brushes and paper today either after lunch or after my afternoon class. :o

failure to launch

Figured while I'm sitting bored in the computer lab, waiting for class to start I would type something up.

Debating on whether I want to go see Alice In Wonderland tonight or just wait. There's the annoying reminder that we're suppose to be saving money. I've been pretty good about it more or less, but thats only cause we keep spending Ki's money.

I keep telling myself that everything will be better once I move out. Even if were tight for money for a while but.. We're not doing enough to make moving out easier.

Also.. I wish I could be more proud of my artwork.. or any work I do.

In need of a wake up call..

Sitting in class trying not to fall asleep.

Ended up stuck at Kaiser for about 4 hours over the weekend.. Um. Saw a few movies.

Shutter Island - I liked the twist at the end and how it had you doubting yourself. Worth seing at least.

The Crazies - Typical but it was fun.

Valentine's Day - Hilarious. Worth seeing if not a must see.

Life at home has been pretty calm. Brother locked himself up for a long while but after we invited him out to sushi with us, he's been poking his head out of his room more. Relations with mother have been peaceful enough. Told her about how we plan on moving out, she was totally for it. I didnt make it clear that our hopes are to be out as soon as fucking possible that I kinda want it that way.

Day after Ki beat Heavy Rain, thank goodness we finished it first too, the whole thing with the PSN and all the PS3s..

Might be going over to a friend's tonight. We've been talking about new projects. Our podcast had been neglected.. We have three episodes that we never even put it. Met up a few weeks ago to do eps on The Princess & The Frog and Avatar but we got lazy. >.>

I've been putting a lot of things on pause until we've moved out. Even my drawing seems to be at a stand still. Keeping saying I want to go home and draw but it never happens. Dont even ask me about school.

..old habits die hard..

Hello hello.. So once again and like always I've been neglecting LJ. Which is terrible considering I pay for this thing. Wot. Yeah.

What's new. Back in school. Yup. Need to move out. That's not new. Phone was stolen, did I ever mention that? Um.. Eh, fuck it. I'm too distracted right now. T___T

if i had a million dollars...

After finally applying to return to school I've realized that I'm out of shape. Need to warm up my drawing hand. Gonna try and devote some time each day to either doing a handful of quick sketches, a detailed life study or a simple illustration on the computer. This will most definitely be a challenge!

In other news I've been considering not attending Sakuracon but apparently that's going disappoint a handful of people. So I've left it undecided for now. I've been working a lot of hours lately so maybe I can still pull it off. Plus I wanna show off my chainsaw! <3

Well, anyway.. Actual life has been pretty decent. Lost control of my bike last week and ended up with a few bad bruises. Been trying to focus more on paying off my credit card. Ki is still looking for a job.

Aku's birthday was last week. Ki took him out to eat and there was gonna be a movie but that didn't work out. So we all went out to eat again. Amanda and Meyg came by on Tuesday. Saw 2012 with them. It was pretty good. Been doing insane amounts of rping lately. Every night with LaRae for the past week. We were up until 9 am on Monday.

At the moment I'm at work. Lindall's reading a book and I've been entertaining myself on my phone. I work every single day the rest of this week and next week with Monday being my only day off. Even though I've done next to nothing at work so far, after a while I feel my sanity slowly fading. Oh, new girl starts today. How did Deanna phrase it? "She's a black girl."

An added note. My family might actually do something for Thanksgiving this year and I have to work. D: Fucking lame.

with ghosts for company

Because Ki has to get up at 6 I'm sitting on the couch in the living room.. Normally I just go to bed too but for some reason tonight I don't want to sleep. Or really I can't fall asleep and just lying their awake makes me depressed.

So I'm in the living room, bundled up and rping while I waste time and hope I get sleepy before the battery on my computer dies... Yup..

Been a while since I've posted from my actual computer. All my recent posts have been from my phone. Maybe I should try posting everyday. Make an effort... Meh, maybe just once a week..

Well.. Not like I ever have much to say. Today was fun though. Worked last night but had today off. Nice cause I have to work a double tomorrow.

After getting up this morning Ki and I went out to eat. Got some oyako don for breakfast with a little bit a sushi. Expensive breakfast. Eh heh.. We got back in time for me get ready. Amanda and Meygan picked me up and we went to go see Paranormal Activity. My second time seeing it but ah well. Afterwards we got lunch even though I was still hungry from breakfast and the mass amounts of kettle corn popcorn I ate. After cruising the mall they dropped me off at which point Haley made her appearance.

Looking forward to after Halloween when everything goes on clearance. Gonna save up for it and I will have a bunch of useless crap. It will be wonderful. <3

trying something new

Been making some decisions on how to improve things.. Making little rules for me to follow and helpful reminders so I don't repeat mistakes.

I think it was weekend that I stayed at the Red Lion with Amanda and Meygan for Amanda's birthday. That was a lot of fun of story telling and watching corny horror movies. With of course some cosplay thrown in. I enjoyed and was happy to be invited.

A couple days later I ended up at a Snow Patrol concert with Haley. That was pretty but I probably shouldn't have skipped out on work for it.

Yesterday I went over to LaRae with Hannah. We recorded two episodes and watched a lot of stuff. At some point we ended making up Pokemon trainers to rp with later. At about 9 in the morning I decided that instead of staying and sleeping.. I'd go home and crash at home.

Didn't get home till about 11 and slept until 3. Had to be at work at 5 and I've been here since. Probably gonna pass out again when I get home cause there's a staff meeting in the morning.

Also I bought Grell's chainsaw today. If only it were real. It would be orgasmic. <3
I've been really bad lately about updating my LJ.. I don't think I have since Kcon.

Well, let's see.
Weekend after the con I had to move. I was at work during most of it but it was still a pain. After we settled in the girls I met a Kcon came up from Salem. They picked me up and we spent the day at the zoo, got some ribs, then browsed a comic store and costume shop. It was a lot of fun.

I've been thinking that I want to go to Sakuracon which made them really happy when I told them. For a while I wasn't sure how I was going to get there and where the fuck I was even gonna stay. I brought it up a couple times with Haley cause I know she's going but somehow the topic always changed. In the end Amanda invited me to stay with her and Meygan. Apparently they had offered when we were talking about it at the zoo but I had misunderstood their invitation.

I feel bad about planning the trip when I know Ki won't be allowed to go. I guess it doesn't matter too much because problems with money keep popping up and now I'm not sure if I'll be able to afford it. I really wish Ki would find a job but sometimes I'm left feeling like he's not even trying. I've talked to him about it already which is the reason for my shitty mood this morning. But at least I'm getting paid to sit here and type this up on my phone. (Josh just ran off to yell at a kid whose hitting a game)

I'm suppose to go over to LaRae's after work. We need to update our podcast and I've been wanting to show her some silly videos. I'm feeling so mentally spent that though. Plus its looking like I might have to stay late tonight anyway. Which in the end is good but I've been here a few hours already and I feel like shit. Waiting on a phone call that'll hopefully make my day a lot better.

akuma de kuroshitsuji deskara

There's a lot of things I should cover in this post.. But I'm thinking there's n real need say anything cause if it matters for you to know then you've already heard. But it's all been good!

With Ki back home the ridiculous mood swings and emo moments are done with. Gotten things with school taken care of more or less. With some luck and hard work maybe Ki and I can get back on track with our plans. There's this place we've been eyeing that use to be up for rent.. Maybe we'll find someplace else like it..

Kumoricon was a lot more fun this year, despite some set backs with the hotel. Made a couple new friends from Canada and Salem. Who want me to attend Sakuracon and I do but... We'll see. I got a lot of things year. I would brag about how much money wise I got and how much I actually paid for but then I'd be a bad person. :o

Headed home on the MAX now and I'm feeling pretty fucking exhausted. Really looking forward to getting home and relaxing with my baby. Can't wait to show him what I got home. I did notice that beside two books everything I got was either Gurren Lagann or kuroshitsuji. I'm pretty fucking happy with what I got.

Oh. Started a podcast over the weekend too. Lol. Still under construction but here's the link: